Topper Chopper

SPIN TO WIN! Join the Topper Heroes in their world of challenge and fun. A fun clone with goofy characters! Get it on Android here!

Flimsy Bird

    Tap the screen to flap the bird’s wings. Avoid obstacles. After flappy, there was clumsy. Then there was splashy. Now Flimsy. Start playing now and get the best scores in the global ranking. Get it for Android here!  


Make sure that the homophobic Putin avoids the butts!


Wow such score — ahh so flap! Link great, many clicks

Flappy Fedora

Can I get some more swag please? How much swag? 41. This has a swagz of 41. Check it out here


  Screenshot of FlapMMO the massive multiplayer online Flappy Bird! This is Flappy Bird with a twist — you are playing against many players in a MMO style. It is pure insanity — good luck getting past the first few pipes! Check it out

Fall Out Bird

In a weird twist of event’s the band Fall Out Boy is release their version called Fall Out Bird — I can’t decide if this is creepy or cool…

Maverick Bird

This cool version called Maverick Bird has a unique dive option that adds to the fun! Check it out here:

Flappy Ford

Not sure what else to say! That pretty much sums it up — make sure that you speakers are up to hear some hilarious Rob Ford sound bites!


Check out the text-based Flappy Bird at